A heritage brand of the eyewear industry

In 1849, 13 eyewear craftsmen from the Jura French region joined together to form the “Association Fraternelle des Lunetiers Ouvriers“. This cooperative became the “Société des Lunetiers” – the “SL” – at 6, rue Pastourelle in the Marais district of Paris. With sales teams travelling the world to present their eyeglasses collections and optical expertise, SL gradually became a major player in the eyewear industry.


Registration of the NYLOR® trademark

Driven by the innovation spirit of the 1950s, an engineer from SL developped a new technology for attaching lenses to the frame using an invisible nylon thread. The NYLOR® brand was created to exploit this patent in 1955. This innovation allowed “rimless” glasses to lighten their contours, to gain in elegance and to enter the flourishing world of fashion.

At the heart of 1950s fashion

During the 1950s, Paris was the world capital of haute couture and fashion. Eyewear became an must-have accessory in the collections presented. The design of NYLOR® models met perfectly this search for elegance. The success of the brand spread immediately in France and abroad.


1960 -1970

The saga

The NYLOR® brand surfed on fashion and became a key player in women’s fashion accessories, in optics and sunglasses.


Essel became Essilor
and focused on optical activities.

1970 – 1980

New collections et new logo

















NYLOR® reinvents itself around its historical values

  • A collection inspired by the iconic vintage frames that made the sucess of the brand
  • A pure and sober design that highlights the eyes and reveals the face
  • Eyewear like jewelry, declined in all variations of gold
  • A unique range of ZEISS Originals sunglasses tints from the 50s specifically reissued
  • Excellence in details and requirements in the quality of the finishes



With finesse and style, NYLOR makes the eyewear a jewel

  • Handcrafted in Italy, based on the historical know-how of local eyewear craftmanship
  • Sustainable and material-efficient frames for a minimal environmental footprint
  • Best materials selected for a perfect finish, ensuring security and comfort
  • ZEISS nylon lenses, renowned for their quality, strength and lightness
  • A 2-year manufacturing quality guarantee